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Data Cabling

We believe a fast and reliable data cabling solution is a ‘must have’ for a successful business. We can improve the performance of your data cabling installations, giving your teams the opportunity to increase efficiency and lead the way for growth.

We pride ourselves in being design experts, and whether you’re looking for a single outlet, or a large project, we can help. Our accredited engineers, warranties and industry leading experts give you total reassurance across a full range. This included Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat8.

data cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling

Businesses grow. With this, comes new and increased demand to transmit more data. So how will your business cope? This is when Fibre Optic Cabling- using plastic or glass threads, becomes the ideal solution.

Fibre Optic Cabling offers increased security and safety, faster bandwidth over distances and more reliable data transmissions.

Wireless Network Installations

Gone of the days of static desk locations businesses now want flexibility, Collaboration, Hot Desking etc, Wireless Network speeds are faster than ever with 10gb now achievable over the Wireless network however with this requirement it is vital that the Wireless network is designed correctly and the copper and fibre back bone cabling are capable of offering these speeds, The Cabling Company can help with the full onsite surveys with Ekahau Survey solutions and design of your new Wireless Network or help with problematic existing Wireless Networks.

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Audio Visual

An effective audio-visual solution should allow you to communicate with others creatively, efficiently and cost effectively.

We design bespoke solutions and provide audio visual systems for customers in all sectors. The convergence of audio-visual systems and IT has created new opportunities and we help you gain maximum benefits from these innovations.

Our expertise in both sectors also means you don’t have to worry about managing different contractors.

Managed Services

Total peace of mind and increased uptime. If you need ongoing technical support, without getting too involved in the detail, our managed services are ideal for you. We have years of experience in running successful managed services, meaning you can focus on building your business with peace of mind.

We offer three service-based models: Task based management services, resource based managed services, if applicable- a blend of both.

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Data Centre Cabling

Ghana and International data center management. The constant advances of network performance requirements, such as IP, coupled with rapidly evolving storage applications means there is an ever-increasing consumption of bandwidth. The longer your data center can support these expanding performance requirements, the more cost effective it becomes.

Our Prince 2 Project managers are some of the very best in the industry who can not only manage our team of skilled engineers, but also integrate other contractors if required.

Rollout Solutions

We take the installation workload off your hands. If a cabling infrastructure project seems unachievable at the same time, that’s what we’re here for. We take the hassle out of the entire project for you, and we’re available to talk you through what’s happening and when at every stage. With over 150 engineers in 15 Locations, we can help with 2 sites or 2000 sites.

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Infrastructure Refresh

Troubleshoot and refresh your cabling infrastructure. A cabling audit and infrastructure refresh is often a good place to start if you think your network isn’t performing as well as it should be. Having confidence in your network cabling infrastructure is an important first step to a successful and resilient business.

The success of your business is based on your IT infrastructure, so it’s performance shouldn’t be holding you back. Our cabling audit and infrastructure refresh will give you a complete overview of your current situation and areas we recommend changed to help you really excel.

Certified cabling design services

Futureproof comms room or server design. Our professional and experienced consultants believe in working closely with you to achieve exactly what you need, first time around and with scalability flexibility and efficiency in mind. We’ll work with you to ensure your cabling requirements are designed to the latest industry standards meaning your investment is protected.


Cabling Mac’s

Our MAC team is made up of some of the most experienced project managers and engineers in the industry. We are a trusted partner for monthly organizations seeking to optimize their data center operations through cabling MAC’s

Cabling Consultancy

Meet your goals and minimise downtime. If the thought of managing a cabling project is too much to handle or you just need a helping hand getting it right first time, our team can help. Choosing the right solution for your needs can be a daunting task, especially when nowadays, technology can evolve from week to week. Our services will ensure you choose the right solution to meet your business needs, now and in the future.

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Security Solutions

In addition to a wide range of cabling services and solutions, we also provide systems including IP CCTV installation and IP access control systems. With over 10 years in the CCTV installation industry, we are committed to providing security solutions that are 100% right for you and your budget.