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About us

Over the past ten years, our company and team has grown to become a national trusted partner for a wide range of industries and business. While we continue to grow and evolve, one thing remains unchanged- our commitment to prioritizing our customers’ needs and objectives.


Why customers choose us

Our projects are started carried out and completed with the client in mind. We do this because we believe in today’s world, a reliable, scalable network is a utility, and every business should have access to the infrastructure they need to grow.

Our story so far

We are very proud to have been a trusted provider of cabling solutions to our customers for nearly 10 years. In this time, we have grown as a team and developed our culture, founded on delivering exceptional quality and innovation in every aspect of our work.


Industry Standards

Standards provide guidance and recommended best practices, that support a variety of existing and future systems which extend the lifespan of any infrastructure. They guide the installation, maintenance and testing of products that serve networks.

This enables clients to be confident that the solutions deployed or supported are to standards compliance and future proof investment. Here at IOX Solutions, we ensure that all Ghanaian and International standards are adhered to giving our clients the confidence demanded from a solutions provider.

Whether it relates to the current CPR (Construction Product Regulations) in relation to fire safety or any other standards, we can guide and advise you on the perfect solution for your needs

Health & Safety

We pride ourselves in our adoption and promotion of health and safety throughout our company and work culture. And whilst we recognize the importance of compliance to industry standards, regulations and legislations, our aims go far beyond this.

We believe you can’t put a price on safety, and our current ethos not only prevents potential injury, but further demonstrates our industry reputation and most importantly, employee wellbeing. We spare no expense in the investment of time and resources to ensure staff and customers feel safe, from the moment we set foot onsite to the moment we leave.  This mindset has allowed us to become so well associated with our on-site safety practices within our industry.

We understand that enabling our staff to be aware of all areas of health and safety not only ensures safe work practices but arms them with the information and knowledge for preventative actions in understanding risks and how to best deal with them.